15 October 2016

Chris Daly

fake phony reality

Like any other communicable characteristic of our time, visual expression has exponentially splintered into billions of alternative realities and wildly contradictory memes. Each reality has its own context, suggesting that if everyone has their own ‘truth’, or ‘currency’ of perception and expression, then authenticity or authority become functions of crowd dynamics – commodities with no fixed universal definition or value, but instead, a mercurial metaphorical ‘price’ according to the flow of information and influence in the loop.

Current interest is to channel Lee Atwater’s successful, if dubious political strategy – i.e. that “perception is reality”. I search for scenes and images with an addictive visual syntax, but a questionable truth. The idea of the project is to question authenticity in a period dominated by surprise, repetition and instability.

Different streams of work compete and combine using active and passive (re-photographic) analog camera (film) processes, and exoteric or esoteric themes of expression. The work experiments with colour, tone, composition and edit. There’s no hierarchy of subject matter. Self imposed rules of composition, exposure, and focus provide structure. The process drives the look. The status of pictures produced is real and authentic. And hyper real, serendipitous or planned, possibly manipulated, appropriated or resurrected – aimless but with calculated intent. Any similarity to real places or people is purely coincidental and not intended.

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‘Daily, Weekly’, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia, February 2012

‘A Machine for Living in’, Hannah Barry Gallery, London, May 2012

‘New Community Design’, Tokyo‘Wondersite’, Tokyo, Japan,April 2012

‘Wondersite’, Japanese Embassy, London, May / June 2012

‘Bend Over Shirley’, Beaconsfield Contemporary Art, London, July 2012

Chelsea Salon, South London Gallery, London, October 2012

Chelsea Salon, Chelsea College of Art & Design – The Bakehouse, November 2012

‘Perfect Patio’, Space Station 65 – London, May 2013

MA Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, September 2013

‘Morphol Scream’, Piccadilly Place, Manchester, March 2014

‘Fake Phoney Reality’ – (solo show) in the ‘Balfron Season’ @ 67 Balfron Tower,London, September 2014

Summer Arts Prize shortlist 2015, Lacey Contemporary Gallery  – Holland Park London

‘ENDS’, Group show, Hundred Years Gallery, London, July 2016

Summer Arts Prize shortlist 2016, Lacey Contemporary Gallery  – Holland Park London

«2016 days of awesome photo books», LhGWR gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands

Art Book Fairs & photo’zine collections

Encontros da Imagem – International Photography Festival – Soap and Rocket photo’books shortlisted, Sep / Nov 16

Tijuana Porto 12ª Feira de Arte Impressa – Soap and Rocket photo’books selected, Oct ’16

Tijuana collection, São Paulo – selected September 2016

Self Publish – Be Happy, collection, selected September 2016


Soap and Rocket episodes –



The Beautiful Game

The Land

Curating the Contemporary: The Digital Obsession – The Emperor’s New Clothes revisited


Queensland College of Art, Griffin University, Queensland, Australia February 2102

Tokyo ‘Wondersite’, Japan, March 2012

Flat Time House, Camberwell, London, June 2012