Fake news vs. analog photography reality
17 October 2016

A sidecar to Analog Photography website – www.soapandrocket.com 

The Fake Phony Reality project is about channeling Lee Atwater’s recurrently successful, if dubious political strategy that “perception is reality”. I search for scenes and images with an addictive visual syntax, interchangeable narrative and a questionable truth. All characters and events depicted in these images are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to real places or people, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended.

The idea, or intent, is to question authenticity in a time that feels dominated by a broadcast frequency of contradiction, uncertainty and denial.

Photographic and rephotographic streams of work compete and combine using active and passive image sourcing processes, and exoteric or esoteric themes of expression. The pictures experiment with analog / film based colour, tone, composition and edit.

There’s no hierarchy of subject matter. Self imposed rules of composition, exposure, and focus provide structure. The process drives the look. The status of pictures produced is real and authentic – whether serendipitous or planned, possibly appropriated or resurrected – aimless but with calculated intent.